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mgps is a seat of scholastic brilliance, is a confluence of modern and traditional learning imparting virtues, academic legacy and cultural values.  It is a Senior Secondary School affiliated to the CBSE, Delhi and follows the NCERT/CBSE syllabi and is from Class I to XII.  The school being a girl's citadel strives to empower them by making them physically strong, emotionally balanced, intellectually robust and yet aesthetically evolved.  Hence its motto is 'making girls powerful & serene'.  Our girls are spruced and sculpted to strike a beautiful blend of professional excellence and domestic bliss.

Special emphasis is laid on churning the immanent qualities in students to forge them into congruous individuals.  Holistic development of the pupil is made through meaningful education.  Academic training is imparted by a team of highly qualified , trained and dedicated teachers.  The school has a rich library, well equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.  Sports Room caters to diversified games.  NC, Guide, Lazium, Yoga, Taekwondo, Skating, Aerobics and Band facilities are also available.  The Computer Lab is well stocked with the latest computers and Internet connectivity.  Auditorium, an ultra modern Audio-Visual centre adds to the pride of the school building.  Resource room and A.V. Aid room offer a spectrum of opportunities to the students.  The Art Room and the Music Room shape the aesthetic abilities of the talented students who are given amplitude of opportunities to showcase  their talents through varied activities held in the school.  Newly installed elevator, PA system and all essentialities that are paramount to quality education.  Smart classes have been installed to further enhance learning, to incorporate technology as education today is no longer considered a mere transfer of knowledge but is recognized as the most important facilitator of social and economic development of the country.  Dramatics, debates, club activities, workshops, conferences, celebration of National days, birth and anniversary days of stalwarts, festivals etc., are conducted under the able guidance of their mentors.  The morning assembly reflects the congenial and conducive ambience of the school.  Excursions and picnics are also organized periodically for the amusement of children.

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Principal's Message

O P Gupta

'A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit'

Life was ever unpredictable and more so since there seems to be dearth of love all over and an acute paucity of noble natured people but most who have lost in the maze of over darkened ways in the guest of the true meaning of life. And what can be better to illuminate restless souls and dispel the darkness than soothe with the ray of knowledge. Since a little more than half of the global population is the ever it undoubtedly becomes pertinent to focus on their enlightenment. The issue of girl-child education has always been close to my heart and mgps, hence, is my dream-project. To facilitate mgps in escalating and securing its rank among the top-tiered schools of the world is what I aspire. Believe me, nothing is impossible for we are fortunate to have the blessings of the magnanimous management, a band of devoted educators and last but not the least the ever zealous guardians of the mgpians, who over the years have accorded their absolute cooperation and trust. At mgps we have adopted painstaking efforts, travelled strenuous paths to earn reputation as a ‘brand’. It gives me a sense of immense delight and pleasure that we have groomed our girl’s to be at perfect tandem with the challenges of the trying times. In a country plagued with the evils of gender insensitivity, discrimination, female foeticide and infanticide mgps has proved itself to be an oasis of hope far all those who wish to see their angels spread their wings against the sky of unlimited possibilities.

"Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten'

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Chairman's Message

O P Dargar

'A school should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning'

It has been a long voyage and an unflinchingly successful one. Yes mgps has with ease crafted its own yardsticks scored searing benchmarks, pulled all stops to etch an indelible imprint on the educational. Map of the greatest democracy of the globe. mgps has cut a niche in girl-child education endeavours. The ECMS has no qualms in boasting that we have left no stone unturned bestowing magnanimity in every aspect that the powerful and serene girls may get the best of both worlds – modern and traditional as they experience the jocund company of educational nuances alongwith vilerout, vigorous co-scholastic excellence. We have decked this seat of scholastic excellence with the latest in the world of technology letters and sports so that they denizens of tomorrow are catapulted to the pinnacle of accomplishments leaving a mark on the sands of time to be emulated and exhorted by the posterity. In this strife-torn age we have taken pain to be whetstones to sharpen their nits and wisdom to be sensitive, sensible and abreast of the needs of the peace-starved globe. Lets hope this unending journey of successful milestones bejeweled with umpteen triumphs and cascade of achievements become even more royale and radiant.

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General Secretary's Message

Natwar Gopal Malpani

'Delightful task! to rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot'

Teaching is a learning experience, its here at mgps – a home away from home for the budding blossoms that we cater to all that it takes to home their intrinsic potentialities, polish their mettle to tread the yet unchartered and unexplored world of joyous learning. With immense faith do the guardians send these tender, impressionable minds and it has been ensured that we uphold their belief with utmost meticulousness and agility for it has been over a decade that titanic strides have been adopted to carve an imposing stature in the arena of moulding the architects of tomorrow’s India who would take gigantic leaps to steer the course of the human civilization. The nursery of prodigious mgps stands tall among the stalwarts in the arena & Girl-Child Education for, what it has bagged within a short period is enviable, inimitable and commendable. But, there is no berth far complacence in this incredible journey for there are many more miles to navigate and traverse the roads till date less taken for success crowns the brave and the boisterous.

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Hon. Secretary's Message

Satya Narayan Somani

'Those who stand for nothing fall for anything'

It is no longer desirable for a temple of learning to impart only facts and figures oblivious of the need of the hour to chisel harmonic individuals who see in their personal trophies and garlands the victory of the society. mgps has been a bastion in this regard. Championing the cause of girl-child education mgps has been a harbinger, an usherer and a transcender of all societal retrograde, regressive norms to sculpt the profs who would break the glass-ceilings to scale dizzy heights, occupy plum posts, be part of the brass decorated with top-notch jobs executing onerous onus with utmost alacrity and also balance domestic obligations as dexterous home makers. Catering to the requirements of a global village the mgpian allrounders know how to climb the zenith while strongly grounded to the deeply entrenched Indian culture, tradition and values and never losing a footing. Spree of Success has not made them complacent or sluggish but rather stimulated them to keep the mgps flag flying high, adding to its already vivacious hues of glory and more shades of elegance to the palette of astounding victory.

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True mgpian

School Prayer

Mantra Path

House Board

  • Passed out students to register themselves by filling online Alumni Form at school website and submit it to school office along with prescribed fee.
  • Class XII passing certificate may be collected from school office from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
Upcomming Events
  • 17-Oct-2015
    First Alumni Meet
  • 19-Oct-2015
    Garba & Dandia Competition
  • 20-Oct-2015
    PTM for class I to V - 8:00 am to 10:30 am and class VI to XII - 11:15 am to 1:45 pm
  • 03-Nov-2015
    Career Fair
  • 04-Nov-2015
    School Fun Fete - Bal Mela
  • pallavi sharma (4 A-3)
  • somya srivastava (4 A-6)
  • vidhi maheshwari (6 A-7)
  • shubhi kabra (7 A-2)
  • bhavya khandelwal (7 A-5)
  • priyanshi sharma (7 A-6)
  • bhanu shree verma (7 A-6)
  • anjali rathi (8 A-6)
  • akshika bhargava (10 A-3)
  • komal joshi (10 A-4)
  • sakshi pareek (11 A-1)
  • medha shukla (12 A-2)
  • shreya sarda (12 A-3)
  • ridhi sancheti (12 A-4)

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