Principal's Message

O P Gupta

“Old memories are not to be forgotten but to be cherished with these fond moments your life is garnished, they transform themselves by a miracle into a memory of happiness.

Treasuring the life’s priceless treasures

Life is a continuous journey. It never comes to a halt. No doubt with the passage of time things is never the same what they used to be butthe landmarks of your school days are always Jole de Vivre.

Here you learnt that that your mind is a lush landscape of potential and possibility and you are master of your fate. You all truly imbibed the valuesimparted to you. Now you are spreading your aura and fragrance far and wide.

Life must be lived forward, but it must be understood backward. Carve out a chunk of time to enjoy the power to restore and revitalize your mind, body and spirit These nostalgic pleasing reminiscences are like  perfume in bottles, neither they fade nor they stale and whenever you want you could uncork bottled live those moments all over again.

You are always welcome to your temple of knowledge where you laid your foundation to enjoy bonhomie, come together to exchange greetings and pleasantries to share some triumphant moments, revivify those munching memories, rhapsodize lively time spent in premises.

To conclude memories are not shackles, they are sweet smelling garlands.

So let's be connected……..Today…….Tomorrow…… And Forever……….

  • Alumni are requested to get registered themselves in mgps alumni association as soon as possible School is soon planning for its alumni meet
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