• To provide a forum for members of the mgps Alumni Association to interact and sustain a sense of belonging through mutually beneficial contacts.
  • To create a sense of co-operation, mutual harmony, and affection amongst the members of the Association
  • To foster linkages amongst the alumni and promote personal and friendly relations through meetings and get-togethers, tours / trips etc.
  • To organize programs for the entertainment and enjoyment of the members of the Association
  • To collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to members of the Association
  • To help students of the School to develop an all round personality
  • To recognize academic, professional and other achievements of the alumni and the students.
  • To create awareness about important social issues and help develop a sense of national / social responsibility (through activities like medical camps including eye and blood donation camps, etc.) amongst alumni, students and the society, through various activities and means
  • To conduct awareness programs about pollution control, pollution related diseases and the need to work towards protection and regeneration of the environment, maintain bio-diversity through protection of flora and fauna etc.
  • To organize seminars, meetings, press conferences and other lawful gatherings from time to time
  • To work for promotion and dissemination of useful knowledge and advancement of any form of art, culture and philosophy
  • To create a forum to exchange views and experiences and share it with the present students of the school
  • To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programs, as adult education classes, lectures, essay competitions, exhibitions, symposiums, cultural programs, press conferences and seminars
  • To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to the members
  • To provide legal and medical aid, social and economic help and assistance to needy people
  • To undertake all such activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objective.
  • Alumni are requested to get registered themselves in mgps alumni association as soon as possible School is soon planning for its alumni meet
Notice & Events