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mgps is a seat of scholastic brilliance, is a confluence of modern and traditional learning imparting virtues, academic legacy and cultural values.  It is a Senior Secondary School affiliated to the CBSE, Delhi and follows the NCERT/CBSE syllabi and is from Class I to XII.  The school being a girl's citadel strives to empower them by making them physically strong, emotionally balanced, intellectually robust and yet aesthetically evolved.  Hence its motto is 'making girls powerful & serene'.  Our girls are spruced and sculpted to strike a beautiful blend of professional excellence and domestic bliss.

Special emphasis is laid on churning the immanent qualities in students to forge them into congruous individuals.  Holistic development of the pupil is made through meaningful education.  Academic training is imparted by a team of highly qualified , trained and dedicated teachers.  The school has a rich library, well equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.  Sports Room caters to diversified games.  NC, Guide, Lazium, Yoga, Taekwondo, Skating, Aerobics and Band facilities are also available.  The Computer Lab is well stocked with the latest computers and Internet connectivity.  Auditorium, an ultra modern Audio-Visual centre adds to the pride of the school building.  Resource room and A.V. Aid room offer a spectrum of opportunities to the students.  The Art Room and the Music Room shape the aesthetic abilities of the talented students who are given amplitude of opportunities to showcase  their talents through varied activities held in the school.  Newly installed elevator, PA system and all essentialities that are paramount to quality education.  Smart classes have been installed to further enhance learning, to incorporate technology as education today is no longer considered a mere transfer of knowledge but is recognized as the most important facilitator of social and economic development of the country.  Dramatics, debates, club activities, workshops, conferences, celebration of National days, birth and anniversary days of stalwarts, festivals etc., are conducted under the able guidance of their mentors.  The morning assembly reflects the congenial and conducive ambience of the school.  Excursions and picnics are also organized periodically for the amusement of children.

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Principal's Message

O P Gupta


"To live for a time close to great minds is the best kind of education"

- John Buchan


It's not a distant dream when mgpians would be securing berth in the Ivy League of premier institutes for they are the crème de la crème. Our exuberant girls are traversing yet unchartered avenues by setting new milestones, clinching dizzy heights, adding umpteen feathers to the school cap, elevating yardstick, redefining parameters of excellence and earning enviable feats abundant. From Olympiads to IITs, AIIMS to NIFTs our stars are radiant everywhere. As an administrator and educator it's my privilege to witness and contribute in the best possible means backed by the magnanimity of the ECMS, Jaipur to the blossoming of tender buds into scintillating  blooms - fragment and fervent. Be it scholastic or co-scholastic our mgpians while traditionally rooted have embraced the latest, kept themselves abreast of the ways of the global village, broken glass ceiling, earned top notch rungs, have become part of the brass. The deft faculty members have like whetstone sharpened their wit and humour, kindled the light of reason, endeavoured to dispel the darkness of illusion, delusion and untruth from their tender, impressionable minds thus facilitating and entrancing their mettle to sharpen its edge so that illuminated thoughts tinge the deepest recess of their hearts.

It gives me indescribable and fathomless delight as in these trying times when harsh and dissonant tunes are ubiquitous mgpians have harnessed all discordant tunes into one sweet harmony spreading wings like a glad bird on its flight across the ocean of knowledge and joy.

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Chairman's Message

Pradeep Baheti

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

- Robert Frost

Education is neither data nor date but a beacon of light that dispels the pitch darkness of ignorance, to be illuminated with knowledge. Sagacity carves out raw potentialities to prudent, pleasant personalities. Here at mgps through the mazy depth of inquisitiveness girls have steered their course. The ECMS, Jaipur through its construction of a cavernous canteen, replenishing the well- stocked school library, organizing orientation programmes both for educators & students and the illustrious Career Fair have adopted multiple means to enrich and enhance the surging ahead of the mgpians. Be it Sports or Studies the ECMS, Jaipur has travelled the extra mile, gone full throttle to exhort the best among the equals in the talent hub. Unflinchingly mgpians have added colours to the school’s glory that has already scaled the pinnacle and in times to come we envisage mgps as a global seat of scholastic excellence vying for its share in the Ivy League of the best among the rest mgpians have outshined, brow beat others with their fortitude, faith and fervour. They would continue to smash their preset records to clinch the numero uno position globally.

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General Secretary's Message

Natwar Lal Ajmera

"If we change our attitude, our attitude changes itself "

So is true in the case of girls, let us all strive to give our girls strong roots & sturdy wings so that their flight to the vast firmament becomes worth emulating. Honouring the social obligation of the Maheshwari Samaj, the ECMS laid the foundation of mgps sixteen years back with the aim of designing lives of young girls - the professionals and home makers of future. It gives us immense pride & a sense of fulfillment that we have taken gigantic strides and today  our girls are bringing name & fame to their Alma mater at both, national and global levels.

Immeasurable initiatives have been served on the platter to cater to the demands of time, keeping students abreast of the ways of the world that they are able to forge an alliance of empowerment and tranquility and chisel them into an epitome of grace, grit, guts galore. Umpteen number of activities are launched to promote holistic growth of the girls, thus paving the way for their bright and shining careers. 

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Hon. Secretary's Message

Murari Lal Birla

“Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself”

- John Dewey

Crossing the threshold with doubt and hesitation, when the yet unbloomed blossoms step into the mgpian arena we comprehend our onerous onus of expanding before them the vast mystery of the world. With altruism and alacrity our dedicated band of educators ensures that their sky is flushed with the dawn of knowledge and the path ahead lies beautiful. The voyage that had initiated with empty hands and an expectant heart translates into serendipity as they no longer feel strange. The inscrutable ambiance embraces them in form of their own mother. No stone is left unturned; all stops are pulled that our girls who so far have made it great and promise to make it even more greater can taste the hidden nectar of the lotuses strewn across the yet uncharted, unexplored ocean of erudition and sagacity. Unlimited resources have facilitated and ushered feather after feather in the mgpian cap whether scholastic or co-scholastic, feats infinite have been persistently permeating the air with the perfume of promise. A feeling of tremulous joy pass through our hearts as these empowered, serene and boisterous girls with buoyant spirits have spiked success in all spheres of life. Our ex-mgpians have broken glass ceilings, secured berth in top-notch organizations, have become part and parcel of the brass as they predominate every walk with élan. They have emerged triumphant in the strife of life with toil equipped with the best imparted at their alma mater.

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  • 27-Apr-2019
    Foundation Day on 27 April 2019
  • Vedika Koolwal (1 A-4)
  • Janhvi Sharma (2 A-3)
  • Manya Shah (3 A-5)
  • Drishti Sharma (4 A-1)
  • Deepika (4 A-5)
  • Niharika Sen (5 A-2)
  • Harsha Maheshwari (6 A-3)
  • Nivedika Tongariya (6 A-4)
  • Sanchi Sharma (7 A-4)
  • Sonal Agarwal (7 A-4)
  • Shagun Khandelwal (7 A-6)
  • Anjani Agarwal (8 A-7)
  • Rewa Swami (8 A-7)
  • Sneha Gupta (10 A-2)
  • Priyanshi Agarwal (10 A-4)
  • Kritika Khandelwal (11 A-5)
  • Kiran Choudhary (12 A-6)
  • Modinee Verma (11 A-7)
  • Lavi Rathore (12 A-7)
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