General Secretary's Message

Madhu Sudan Bihani

"If we change our attitude, our attitude changes itself "

So is true in the case of girls, let us all strive to give our girls strong roots & sturdy wings so that their flight to the vast firmament becomes worth emulating. Honouring the social obligation of the Maheshwari Samaj, the ECMS laid the foundation of mgps sixteen years back with the aim of designing lives of young girls - the professionals and home makers of future. It gives us immense pride & a sense of fulfillment that we have taken gigantic strides and today  our girls are bringing name & fame to their Alma mater at both, national and global levels.

Immeasurable initiatives have been served on the platter to cater to the demands of time, keeping students abreast of the ways of the world that they are able to forge an alliance of empowerment and tranquility and chisel them into an epitome of grace, grit, guts galore. Umpteen number of activities are launched to promote holistic growth of the girls, thus paving the way for their bright and shining careers. 

  • Registration open for mgps alumni association! Ex-students to go through link for registrations.
Upcoming Events
  • Divyajyoti Kumawat (3 A-1)
  • Diyanshi Rawal (4 A-5)
  • Alisha Pareek (5 A-2)
  • Suhani Jangid (6 A-2)
  • Palak Khandelwal (6 A-3)
  • Gunjan Jangid (6 A-6)
  • Palak Agarwal (6 A-7)
  • Palak Sharma (7 A-5)
  • Akshita Choudhary (7 A-7)
  • Prachi Bhutia (8 A-6)
  • Aarju Sisodiya (9 A-3)
  • Mahak Santani (9 A-8)
  • Srishti Jain (11 A-1)
  • Hiteshi Verma (11 A-1)
  • Khushi Kabra (12 A-4)

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