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Murari Lal Birla

“Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself”

- John Dewey

Crossing the threshold with doubt and hesitation, when the yet unbloomed blossoms step into the mgpian arena we comprehend our onerous onus of expanding before them the vast mystery of the world. With altruism and alacrity our dedicated band of educators ensures that their sky is flushed with the dawn of knowledge and the path ahead lies beautiful. The voyage that had initiated with empty hands and an expectant heart translates into serendipity as they no longer feel strange. The inscrutable ambiance embraces them in form of their own mother. No stone is left unturned; all stops are pulled that our girls who so far have made it great and promise to make it even more greater can taste the hidden nectar of the lotuses strewn across the yet uncharted, unexplored ocean of erudition and sagacity. Unlimited resources have facilitated and ushered feather after feather in the mgpian cap whether scholastic or co-scholastic, feats infinite have been persistently permeating the air with the perfume of promise. A feeling of tremulous joy pass through our hearts as these empowered, serene and boisterous girls with buoyant spirits have spiked success in all spheres of life. Our ex-mgpians have broken glass ceilings, secured berth in top-notch organizations, have become part and parcel of the brass as they predominate every walk with élan. They have emerged triumphant in the strife of life with toil equipped with the best imparted at their alma mater.

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Upcoming Events
  • 27-Apr-2019
    Foundation Day on 27 April 2019
  • Vedika Koolwal (1 A-4)
  • Janhvi Sharma (2 A-3)
  • Manya Shah (3 A-5)
  • Drishti Sharma (4 A-1)
  • Deepika (4 A-5)
  • Niharika Sen (5 A-2)
  • Harsha Maheshwari (6 A-3)
  • Nivedika Tongariya (6 A-4)
  • Sanchi Sharma (7 A-4)
  • Sonal Agarwal (7 A-4)
  • Shagun Khandelwal (7 A-6)
  • Anjani Agarwal (8 A-7)
  • Rewa Swami (8 A-7)
  • Sneha Gupta (10 A-2)
  • Priyanshi Agarwal (10 A-4)
  • Kritika Khandelwal (11 A-5)
  • Kiran Choudhary (12 A-6)
  • Modinee Verma (11 A-7)
  • Lavi Rathore (12 A-7)
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