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Satya Narayan Kabra (M N)

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

- Robert Frost

Education is neither data nor date but a beacon of light that dispels the pitch darkness of ignorance, to be illuminated with knowledge. Sagacity carves out raw potentialities to prudent, pleasant personalities. Here at mgps through the mazy depth of inquisitiveness girls have steered their course. The ECMS, Jaipur through its construction of a cavernous canteen, replenishing the well- stocked school library, organizing orientation programmes both for educators & students and the illustrious Career Fair have adopted multiple means to enrich and enhance the surging ahead of the mgpians. Be it Sports or Studies the ECMS, Jaipur has travelled the extra mile, gone full throttle to exhort the best among the equals in the talent hub. Unflinchingly mgpians have added colours to the school’s glory that has already scaled the pinnacle and in times to come we envisage mgps as a global seat of scholastic excellence vying for its share in the Ivy League of the best among the rest mgpians have outshined, brow beat others with their fortitude, faith and fervour. They would continue to smash their preset records to clinch the numero uno position globally.

  • Registration open for mgps alumni association! Ex-students to go through link for registrations.
Upcoming Events
  • 28-Nov-2018  to  29-Nov-2018
    Harmony - Maheshwari Interschool Sports Meet
  • Tejasvi Bhardwaj (2 A-1)
  • Ashvi Khandelwal (4 A-1)
  • Palak Lohiya (5 A-5)
  • Gaurvi Gupta (5 A-7)
  • Vandana Sharma (6 A-2)
  • Vanshika Akar (6 A-3)
  • Anushkha Khandal (7 A-5)
  • Aayushi Sharma (8 A-1)
  • Manya Bhardwaj (8 A-5)
  • Meenu Choudhary (8 A-5)
  • Manasvi Sharma (8 A-8)
  • Siddhi Agarwal (9 A-4)
  • Saumya Agarwal (9 A-8)
  • Harshita Sharma (11 A-4)
  • Harshita Chaudhary (11 A-5)
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