Art & Craft

Art & Craft Department trains our students to be creative, innovative and ready citizens. They advocate ‘best with the waste’ activities. The students exhibit beautiful artifacts of craft in exhibitions of National and International level.

Music and Dance

"Music is spiritual" The Music and Dance Department excels in chiseling euphonious singers and adroit danseuse under their able chaperonage.

Audio Visual Aids Centre

The Audio Visual Aids Centre, a highly urbane resource lab, offers an enrapturing learning experience.  It is used as a very efficacious teaching succor.

The facilities in the lab include :

•          Digital light projector  

•          Overhead projector

•          High gain screen size 8’×10’

•          Portable screen size 4’×6’

•          Computer System

•          DVD Player

•          Amplifier & Sound System

•          Seating capacity of 200

•          Large collection of Educational VCDs & DVDs.

•          Centrally air cooled.


Well equipped, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology and Physics laboratories occupy a place or pride in mgps. All the labs are equipped with the most modern instruments. Our blossoming scientific investigators prepare for their professional career here.

Computer Science

Three of the most advanced and ergonomically designed computer laboratories in the School have been equipped with Intel Core 2 Due Processor Computers. This resulted in every member of the mgps family is now deft in using the computers. Computer education at mgps aims at :

•          making IT education relevant to real world needs.

•          turning the students into dynamic and efficient IT professionals.

•          facilitating high quality, value based, career oriented education to the students, so that they become tech-savvy.

English Language Lab.

Linguistic skills are the most essential mode of communication in this globally evolving era.  Hence to enhance prowess for English speaking, English Language Lab. has been incorporated into mgpian infrastructure.  This spacious lab can accommodate 60 to 65 students who explore the myriad of English language through different modules emphasizing on various subskills viz LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing).


The library is well-stocked and fully computerized. It subscribes to the best of the national and international magazines and journals. It provides rich and varied knowledge in plethora of subjects like humanities, fine arts, commerce, physical and natural sciences. The children are motivated to read and be abreast of the wonderful world of the books. The main objective of library is to make students love books and be aware and cognizant of and enlightened.


  • Registration open for mgps alumni association! Ex-students to go through link for registrations.
Upcoming Events
  • 27-Apr-2019
    Foundation Day on 27 April 2019
  • Vedika Koolwal (1 A-4)
  • Janhvi Sharma (2 A-3)
  • Manya Shah (3 A-5)
  • Drishti Sharma (4 A-1)
  • Deepika (4 A-5)
  • Niharika Sen (5 A-2)
  • Harsha Maheshwari (6 A-3)
  • Nivedika Tongariya (6 A-4)
  • Sanchi Sharma (7 A-4)
  • Sonal Agarwal (7 A-4)
  • Shagun Khandelwal (7 A-6)
  • Anjani Agarwal (8 A-7)
  • Rewa Swami (8 A-7)
  • Sneha Gupta (10 A-2)
  • Priyanshi Agarwal (10 A-4)
  • Kritika Khandelwal (11 A-5)
  • Kiran Choudhary (12 A-6)
  • Modinee Verma (11 A-7)
  • Lavi Rathore (12 A-7)
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