Attendance in the Academic Session

  1. 75% attendance in a year is compulsory for appearing in the final examination.
  2. The total number of meetings is counted from the day of the opening of the School.
  3. Leave is granted in the prescribed form signed by parents/guardians. It is to be submitted to the class teacher on the following working day.
  4. If the sick leave is of more than three days, the medical certificate must be submitted from a registered medical practitioner.
  5. Continuous absence from the School for seven days may lead to rustication. Re-admission in such cases will be discretionary. An amount of Rs. 300/- is to be paid in case of re-admission.
  6. Students suffering from contagious diseases, will be allowed to resume the School only on the completion of the quarantine period and after producing fitness certificate.
  7. It is compulsory for all the students to attend the Morning Assembly of the School.
  • Registration open for mgps alumni association! Ex-students to go through link for registrations.
Upcoming Events
  • Navika Sharma (1 A-3)
  • Manashvi Jangid (3 A-2)
  • Somya Singh (5 A-2)
  • Trishita Pareek (6 A-1)
  • Kanak Soni (6 A-2)
  • Kamya Sharma (6 A-2)
  • Surbhi Chauhan (6 A-5)
  • Swati Sharma (6 A-6)
  • Sunaina Agarwal (7 A-2)
  • Siya Khuteta (8 A-6)
  • Vanshika Khandelwal (9 A-2)
  • Riya Gupta (10 A-5)
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