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Parent's corner

The internet offers teenagers opportunities to be 'expressive'.  They can create their own online profiles, of their peers and post photos and videos of themselves and their friends.  Internet lets teenagers to be proactive.  It can give them good access to news and health information and many turn to the internet first to find out about themselves and the world.

There are ways to encourage your child to be safe online, start by talking together about following issues which are online challenges :

1.   Cyber Stalking

2.   Inappropriate Content

3.   Hacked Account

4.   Inappropriate Language Online

5.   Teen sexline

6.   Exposure to sexual predators/child pornography

7.   Internet Fraud

8.   Character Assassination/Damaged Reputation

9.   Cyber Bullying

10.  Criminal computer instrusions

Keep children from becomingg cyber victims and teach them how and where to report cyber crimes if necessary.  In case of cyber forgery dial -

CCPS - 0141-2309547/8

E-mail ID -

Report to -

SMS - cyber@542423

  • Start understanding your child's needs at her present age.
  • Adopt appropriate attitude: encourage mutual trust and communication.
  • Keep your computer / laptop in the common room.
  • Talk to the child about what encounters can happen online.
  • Help her analyse a situation from different angles.
  • Give age appropriate freedom, rules and sense of responsibility.
  • Develop your child's emotional abilities at a young age.
  • Foster her self-confidence.
  • Let your child suggest ways of improving the situation.
  • Learn more computer / internet skills.
  • Research and use filter for blocking programme.  Be proactive / vigilant.
  • Registration open for mgps alumni association! Ex-students to go through link for registrations.
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