School Uniform

Students should attend the School in neat, ironed and in proper sized School uniform. The parents are advised to procure the prescribed uniform material for their wards in time. They are also advised not to approach the Principal for any relaxation/exemption in this regard. No excuse, whatsoever, will be accepted. The uniform should be tailored as per the prescribed pattern.

Summer Uniform

Class I to VIII

Pista green tunics, cream shirts, maroon tie and belt, cream socks with stripes and maple leaf. The School Emblem is compulsory on shirts and tunics. Maroon hair bands or maroon ribbons if required and a handkerchief. Black leather shoes with buckle.

Class IX to XII

Pista green Kurtas, cream salwars, maroon dupattas, cream socks with stripes and maple leaf & black leather shoes with buckle.

Winter Uniform

Class I to V

School pullovers and grey trousers along with the regular/full sleeve cream shirt, ties & belt, woolen socks and black shoes.

Class VI to VIII

Trousers along with regular/full sleeves shirts and blazers with school monogram, tie & belt, woolen socks and black shoes.

Class IX to XII

Blazer with School monogram with the regular uniform.

Sports Uniform

Classes I to X

White canvas shoes, Cream divided skirt, cream socks with House stripes, House T-shirts of prescribed  pattern.

(During winters divided skirts will be replaced by grey trousers for classes I to VIII)

Classes XI to XII

White canvas shoes, Cream salwar kurta with dupatta of the House colour of prescribed pattern.

Physical Education (Students of Class XI & XII)

Track suits and T-Shirts of prescribed colours

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